From post Superstorm Sandy Post last week:

As Sandy has passed through, SCPa has seen some severe weather, but luckily not as much devastation as possible.
Hopefully things will return to normal over the next 24 hours as school and businesses reopen. I realize that some will say “we dodged a bullet” or “we over prepared” or “this was hyped for nothing”, but the reality is that a lot of good people came together all over the East Coast to work together. Some will be dealing with this storm for a long time to come. Most of us in SCPa, will not. But what we did do was solidify and form good working relationship. What we also did was practice and/or prepare great plans. We discovered chinks in our armor and strength in our people.

Some will Monday morning quarterback, but those of us who live preparedness and believe in the system and our people know that there is no practice that does not lead us to better preparedness.

Thank you to all who have and continue to work this event.

Be Smart, Be Prepared, Be Safe!!