I have been posting on this blog for over a year and it is time that I start stretching the blog and getting to more topics and post on a regular basis.  As you know, each month, I try to post a Book of the Month, and I have posted a few other topics that have hit my radar and/or the emergency management radar.  Moving forward, I am hoping to post on a regular schedule, bringing in more and more topics pertinent to the field of emergency management.

Some of the topics I have on my list for future posts include:

1) Leadership

2) Education in EM

3) Historical EM events

In addition, I will make every effort to post about current events in the EM field as they unfold.

I hope you all had a great Summer!  Stay tuned for future posts very soon.  If any of you have ideas or want to send things for posting on this site, please email me at dhagelgans@millersville.edu.