September is National Preparedness Month, I am hoping that all of you, no matter how prepared you currently are, will do something extra, whether that is for you, your family, your neighbors/neighborhood or the community as a whole! On 9/23/14, we are having our first Preparedness Day at Millersville University to try to educate our students and faculty in the importance of being properly prepared. If you have colleges and universities within your jurisdiction, reach out to them and ask then to do something special for their campus community. Many of our campuses in Central Pa have had staff take the Planning in Higher Ed course through FEMA, now it is time to put it to use. If you, or any of your local universities/colleges need information about what we are doing or even ideas, please reach out to me!

As part of Preparedness Day, we are starting a #Pledge2Prepare campaign on YouTube. We have started with our university President, and we are going to see how many folks we can get to “Pledge2Prepare.” As soon as I have the video on Youtube, I will send you all the link. We are looking for big name celebrities like Brian Williams (former volunteer firefighter), Craig Fulgate, Bernadette, Megan, Meghan, Ewa, Jessica, The Rock…..etc to do a short video and put it on YouTube, let’s make the challenge, take the challenge and do something special for National Preparedness Month.

If you would like to make your short video now and put on Youtube, here is all we ask:
1) Put in the #PLedge2Prepare (Hashtag)
2) State the following: September is National Preparedness Month, I am Pledging to Prepare, you should too!

Help us spread the message and lets truly do “Whole Community” preparedness